Gets Kids Moving

Kixi scooters and ride-ons are the perfect introduction for preschool age kids learning the basics of balance and coordination.

Easy Rider

Once they learn, they’ll never forget. And,
with the Balance Bike from Kixi, it’s never
been easier to learn how to ride a bike.

Ready To Grow

From three-wheeled cruiser to two-wheeled scooter, the Mixi™ convertible kick scooter is ready to roll as your tot grows into big kid rides.

Cruise and Color with Scribble

Take art time outside the lines with the
Kixi Scribble, the three wheel scooter that lets
little ones leave a trail of color as they ride.

Fun For The
First Timers

The Kixi Kix was made for firsts. The stand-alone,
three wheel design keeps tots on their toes as they
hit the road for the first time.




Balance Bike

The Kixi Balance Bike is the perfect pint-sized, parent-friendly ride to help your little one learn the basics of bicycling.



The Kixi Kix scooter gives new riders the extra stability they need to build their confidence as well as their riding skills.



The two-in-one Mixi convertible kick scooter is ready to grow with your child as their confidence and abilities develop.



The Kixi Scribble three wheel scooter lets little ones leave a trail of color as they ride for hours of colorful fun.





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