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Adult Supervision is Required

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Direct adult supervision is required at all times. Young children ages three and up are at a high risk of falling and injuring themselves as they first experience the fun – and the risks – of riding something using their own power and skill. Children at this age also do not yet understand the risks… Read more »

How To: Refill The Scribble’s Chalk Bar

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In this short guide, we’ll show you how to quickly reload your Kixi Scribble’s chalk bar so your little one can get back to cruising and coloring on their favorite ride. First up, you’ll need some fresh pieces of Scribble non-toxic sidewalk chalk. If you still have some from the package included with your Scribble,… Read more »

How To: Steer The Kixi Kix

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The Kixi Kix uses our patented “Tilt’To-Turn” feature to help first time riders master their balance and steering skills before moving up to more advanced rides like the Kixi Mixi or standard two-wheel scooter. In this short guide, we’ll break down how the Tilt-To-Turn feature works to get your little one ready for a lifetime… Read more »