Kixi Safety

Following proper safety guidelines is crucial to ensuring a fun experience for youngsters just developing the balance and coordination skills needed to operate Kixi scooters and ride-ons.

Adult Supervision is Required

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Direct adult supervision is required at all times. Young children ages three and up are at a high risk of falling and injuring themselves as they first experience the fun – and the risks – of riding something using their own power and skill. Children at this age also do not yet understand the risks… Read more »

Determine If Your Child Is Ready To Ride

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Before allowing your child to ride any Kixi product, first determine whether he or she has the maturity, coordination and ability to follow rules necessary to ride under their own power. Studies suggest that children at age 3 have the coordination required to use a steering wheel or handlebar and can use a 3-wheeled scooter,… Read more »

Always Inspect Your Kixi Product Prior To Riding

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Properly inspecting and maintaining your Kixi scooter or ride-on may reduce the risk of injury. Before using your Kixi product, make sure to read the owner’s manual inside the box. Always inspect your ride-on before riding to make sure all fasteners are secure and check for wear and tear on parts and wheels. Replace worn… Read more »

Use Proper Riding Attire

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Always ensure child is wearing proper protective equipment, such as an approved safety helmet. A helmet may be legally required by local law or regulation in your area. Knee pads and elbow pads are recommended. A child should always wear closed toe shoes and keep shoelaces tied and out of the way of the wheels…. Read more »

Ride Only In Controlled Environments

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Kixi scooters and ride-ons are meant to be used only in controlled environments, free of potential traffic hazards and not on public streets. Do not allow your child to ride in any areas where vehicle traffic is present or in areas near steps, sloped driveways, hills, alleys or swimming pools. Avoid streets and surfaces with… Read more »